The Hoka Island Villa

Stay with someone who cares

The property is a charming small villa on the island of Diu. It derives its name from the interesting ‘Hoka’ palm tree, spread in abundance on the island of Diu. The Hoka tree, fascinating in its branching dimensions, is in fact found nowhere else in the country!

The Hotel with just 17 rooms is a delightful place to stay & ideal for those looking for a friendly, personalized atmosphere & something different from the usual. Staying at the Hoka, you would be a part of a discerning clientele, both Indian & foreign. Owing to its design & in-house social atmosphere the hotel is popular with guests comprising a wide spectrum… families, couples, long stay guests, backpackers and students.

The hotel’s verandah styled Restaurant & Bar, named  ‘Cat’s Eye View’; makes for a pleasant area to have meals or simply lounge around. The menu is small because the focus here is on excellent food, fresh and hygienically cooked. So it is no surprise that major travel review sites & international guidebooks give the resort cuisine excellent ratings.

There Pool lounge area is another place to relax with a book & a glass of cold beer or fresh lemon soda in hand!

The small & young multitasking teams who run the property are well trained & keen to ensure that you have a memorable holiday in their care.

The hotel’s earlier name was ‘The Resort Hoka’. The change in the hotels name to ‘The Hoka Island Villa’ was in 2011. Though to most it is simply still the ‘Hoka Diu’. Read about it on our blog!

“..relax & have fun, in a laid back place…is more or less, what a break at The Hoka Island Villa’ is all about!”