2012: The year that was at the Hoka…


A few words about the year gone by: Well, what can I say but that..wow…time flies…

2012: This year was rather special; We had two guests visiting us after a long time: Suchi Ravalia who had visited the Hoka during her college days with a friend; now revisited with her husband & 5 year old son. Suchi was the same exuberant person we remember & appears to have imparted this quality to her delightful & expressive son. The other guest was Satyajit Ray. He & his Air Force pilot mates had visited us as young bachelors way back 13 years ago. It was a special feeling to have him return, now a senior IAF officer, and with his lovely wife & two most adorable daughters, 4 & 8 years old. They along with Suchi’s son charmed many a guest & staff . And it was a marvel, how in their little ways, they seamlessly brought a smile on faces & hearts of all at the Hoka! Among my more cherished memories. 🙂

2012: “Seventh time.. ?” I asked. I was unabashedly cross examining a guest!  And yes this was Sai’s septennial visit to the Hoka.  Sai Nagesh, a dear guest from Bombay as usual kept us motivated with his encouraging perception of the ‘Hoka way’ of doing things!

Ram Sundararaman messaged from Udaipur to inform us that he was ‘jealous’ of those who made it… :-0. Well yes we did miss Ram, Geetika & their son Srijan..them being fun regular new year guests since long.

2012: The Hoka also saw a bit of much required major repair & renovation!  Its been 15 years since the Hoka started & so it was about time. This took us about 10 weeks. And I have to say that we had the most gratifying support from almost all our guests who very graciously forgave us for the construction disturbance caused. And so now after quite a while we have 16 functioning rooms as before.

2012: The year end. Yes whilst there was a happy time & music & bonhomie at the Hoka, our new year’s celebrations were a little subdued. The heart a little heavy and a desire to support the feelings & emotions that had engulfed us all by what had happened to a very young woman in Delhi. She was in the back of our minds always. Despite the sadness, one felt hope in seeing; many among the country’s youth & older strongly addressing a very important social issue. We do hope that year 2013 will see this process remains. A process that helps us, one day soon, to evolve to being among the best in the world in the way our girls, women stand equal to men. And why not?

2012: Feedback & Social media: The Hoka team remained buoyant (very much 🙂 ) and motivated by a good dose of supportive, appreciative & useful feedback from guests. Quite a few of this finding their way onto social media  such as our facebook group, tripadvisor reviews & other internet space. Yes Hoka will now have to watch out for the ever growing [and a little ‘overpowering’] influence of social media space !!

 Finally back to the present:

2013: Something tells that this year is going to be special & nicely so! ‘

2013: To keep a smile in our minds & hearts through it all’ …is our resolution for this year. Well what’s yours? 🙂 ?

Lots of love & best of everything for the future.

 Warm regards

The Hoka Island Villa